About Us

Alice Reid

headshotsSavor the Lowcountry owner and operator, Alice Reid has always been a lover of all things relating to food. She loves to cook, enjoys entertaining, and most of all, Alice loves ordering from a great menu! Her husband, Bert, has always been a lover of history (and golf). Living on Hilton Head Island allows Alice and Bert the ability to engage in their respective passions. The island hosts an abundance of wonderful restaurants and has a rich and flavorful history (and a few great golf courses too).

Alice has combined her passion for food with her husband’s passion for history to create Savor the Lowcountry, a fun and flavorful food tour. Her goal is to provide her guests with tastings from the best dining establishments and gourmet specialty shops in the Lowcountry while sharing entertaining stories and fun historical facts.

Everyone knows that good food is always central to a great time and Alice knows all the best eateries. She has chosen her favorite restaurants and shops and partnered with them to offer her guests an extraordinary culinary experience.

Join Alice for a Savor the Lowcountry food tour today. We promise you memories you will savor for a lifetime when you Savor the Lowcountry with us!

Kelsey Watson

kelsey_3Savor the Lowcountry’s Kelsey Watson is one of those rare Hilton Head Islanders who was actually born and raised here. Hilton Head was developed as a resort community in the late 1950’s and most of our Island residents are transplants. Many Islanders came in those early years to live and work in the fast growing tourism and service industries.

Kelsey was raised in a food and beverage family. Both of her parents have been involved in the food and beverage industry since their arrival on Hilton Head in the early 80’s. Kelsey began working at local restaurants in the summer months while in high school and during her college years. After graduating from college Kelsey continued pursuing a career in the food and beverage industry here on Hilton Head Island.

As a graduate with a degree in Hospitality Management from The University of South Carolina, Kelsey brings her creative talents, love of food and wine, and knowledge of the local culture and cuisine to our Savor the Lowcountry team.

Kelsey has the distinct advantage of being a true local who knows all of the best dining spots and specialty shops. She would love to share them with you on a Savor the Lowcountry food tour.