Facts About Coffee That You Might Not Know

Almost everyone in the world loves coffee, this is no mystery to anyone. The people who aren’t a fan of it have their reasons and opinions and that is just fine. But if you like coffee then you fall into the category of people who probably drink it every single day. Whether you are drinking the same style of coffee every day or you switch it up as often as you can, you drink it constantly. But do you know the history of coffee? Despite the word “History” coming into the sentence, there are some interesting and fun facts about coffee that you might not know about. To bring light to some lesser-known facts about coffee, I will list a few that you might enjoy reading about while drinking a cup of delicious coffee.

If you are new to drinking coffee and you are checking out this story as a guide to decide whether or not you want to try drinking coffee, you definitely should give it a shot. You really cannot go wrong with coffee unless your body handles caffeine badly. You can get coffee in a variety of places. You can buy coffee online in bags by the pound, or you can go to your local store or the coffee shop and get yourself a cup of anything.

Coffee has a history of coming to life back in 800 A.D. That is a lot of further back than where we are now in life. Can you imagine living in the stone age and looking forward to a cup of coffee in the morning? The legend says that the coffee bean plant influenced goats whenever they would ingest it. After watching the goats bounce around after eating the plant, a local man made a drink out of the plant and found that it had the power to keep him awake longer than he would usually be awake for.

If you have ever wondered where in the world is the main source of coffee bean plants, well, I have the answer for you! Brazil is known to grow the most amount of coffee beans in the world! So if you are ever interested in visiting wherever has the largest source of coffee, you can travel to Brazil and live out your delicious coffee dreams!

It is possible to overdose on coffee. It is very rare, and you would have to drink a lot of coffee in a short amount of time and no one should drink that much caffeine in a single day anyway, so it is not something that you really have to worry about it. Opposite of that last fact, coffee drinkers are known to live longer than other people. You will also have a reduced chance of getting diabetes? Who would have ever guessed that? To do this, you would have to drink three to five cups a day, but it might be worth it if you believe in the studies that they have done.