Recipe and How to Make Beef Burgers

BurgersBurgers is a typical European food. High intensity of performance and lack of time to prepare food are the two main reasons people turn to this fast food. Although it contains a lot of fat and includes unhealthy foods, burgers are a favorite food of people all over the world. If you are a fan of food on this one, try to make it at home cleanliness and quality of the ingredients is maintained. It’s best not to eat burgers too often and keep up your daily consumption with vegetables and fruit. Hopefully, the recipe below helps you enjoy your own handmade burger. Here is the recipe:

Beef Burgers ingredients

burger bun
patty (beef burger)
sla slices of tomato slices
cucumber slices
sliced ​​onion
sliced ​​cheese
sunny side up
Sauce ingredients:
Chili sauce
tomato sauce
mayonnaise sauce
mustard sauce

Other Seasonings:

1.5 tablespoons seasoning
pepper powder to taste
salt to taste
Ingredients patty (beef burger):
600 grams of minced meat
3 tablespoons of flour
margarine to taste for sauteing burgers
Patty (beef burger):
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 portion of onion

How to Make Beef Burger

Burger: mix into one minced meat, seasoning, and seasoning
Mix well, add flour, pepper, and salt
Squeeze until all ingredients are well mixed
Divide into 8 spheres, press, and shape like a burger
Saute both sides until cooked and change color

How to Make

Saute the burger meat according to instructions on the day
Warm the burger buns using a microwave
Arrange the meat and vegetables in a burger bun bag
Give a layer of cheese if you like
Add sauce according to taste
Ready to eat directly or with french fries

That’s the way to process beef burgers that are delicious and very easy. Hopefully, this way to make burgers can help you get good and useful results